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Oahu, Hawaii

Amazingl! A visit to one of my collectors house/museum. So delighted that she still has the numerous large abstract paintings purchased by her late husband in the 1990's. The paintings remain in excellent condition.

acrylic enamel, canvas, 60" x 94"


I Came From The City

Heaven's Rain

acrylic, canvas, 50" x 30"

acrylic enamel, canvas, 76" x 60"

Oh Life

Current Wave

acrylic, canvas, 50" x 30"

Remenber the Word

The Flow of Nature, acrylic, canvas, 48" x 36"

Wave of Inspiration

acrylic, enamel, paper, canvas, 36" x 60"

acrylic, canvas, 40" x 40"


Flower Vase

acrylic, canvas, 40" x 70"

acrylic, panel 7" x 5

acrylic enamel, canvas, 60" x 94"

acrylic, enamel, paper, canvas,  3 canvases 36" x 48" each

Technical Deluge, acrylic, canvas, 48" x 50

Above: one of her numerous large Jet blast paintings by a N.Y. artist

1st Solo Show